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What is a session musician?

A session musician is someone who performs music in a recording session. He's hired by the music contractor, the music producer, the band or the record, film or video production company to play whatever music is going to be recorded at that session.

Although few people outside the music industry are aware of their vitally important role, session musicians are present in almost every hit pop song that uses real instruments rather than synthesized tracks. Boasting flawless technique, exceptional professionalism, and stylistic flexibility, they are the gold standard for polished studio playing. Whether it's a slow ballad, a driving acoustic stomp, a funky soul jam, or a brooding film score, session musicians learn the parts speedily and make adjustments to fulfill the needs of the producer or recording artist.

In the past, this meant a studio musician traveling to the studio, which could be miles away, even in a different country if they were a sought after musician for their particular style, or flare.

Now though, it is possible to hire a session musician, remotely, via an internet service, thereby omitting travel costs to the client, and speeding up the whole creative process.

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